Between 2011–2013 several empirical studies were conducted that interrogated design story work.

Storienteering at Frontiers of Interaction 2013

In October 2013 Salvatore laconesi and Oriana Persico ran a workshop at the Frontiers of Interaction (Fol13) conference in Milan.
It was called ‘Near-Future Design V’s Design Fiction’. The workshop was part of an initiative of the ISIA (lstituto Superiore per le lndustrie Artistiche; Higher Education for Industrial Arts) to champion the role of near future scenarios in interaction design. The workshop largely consisted of collaborative storytelling activities designed to focus attention on the difficulties of ideating about possible future worlds from a focal point that is inextricably fixed in the present. laconesi and Persico complement their exploration of near future design with design fiction, transmedia narrative, and a perspective on the concept of diegetic prototypes based on Beaudrillard’s simulacra. Story building was underpinned by Storienteering resources and approaches.

Developing a ‘visual plotliine’ with
colleagues from Delft University