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What worthy things can and have been said about stories

"Stories work because they arrange things in memorable ways".
In his book 'Moonwalking with Einstein', Joshua Foer embarks on a personal quest to rediscover the lost art of remembering. He discusses the virtues of memory and describes several strategies and techniques for memorising complex and at times random information. The following quotes are inspired by Foers' descriptions of how some of the memory techniques work.
"[Stories are] the ultimate structuring device for [meaning]." (Foer, J. 2011:128).
"...take [disparate] bits of information, run them through a filter (stories) that appl[y] meaning to them, and make that information much stickier." (Foer, J. 2011:62).
On 'stickiness'
Foer uses the word 'stickiness' as a metaphor to describe how readily information is held in memory. The word itself is readily associated with a number of memorable concepts, such as viscosity and persistence. It effectively conjures up images of sticky substances, such as honey, chewing gum and glue. All the additional synaptic links that are forged in our minds when we connect abstract concepts such as stickiness to personal experiences with sticky substances help to make the concept more real and therefore memorable. So the word 'stickiness', is itself sticky.

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