Designer Islands

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Designer Islands

You are on a voyage of discovery to become a professional designer. Your travels take you to far-flung places, where you meet many fascinating people and encounter an untold number of obstacles. One day you have the misfortune of becoming caught up in a great sea storm and you find yourself marooned on a remote archipelago. There you discover a strange thing: four island communities, each with a thriving culture and economy built upon particular sets of skills and knowledge. There's an island of trail-blazers, an island of planners, an island of makers, and an island of dreamers.

You are warmly welcomed by an old sage named Calexander who appears to act as steward of the islands and councillor to the four communities. You come to realise that all the island inhabitants revere and respect the old sage's wisdom and consider him to be the ‘father of design’.

You explore the islands and discover that represented within each island community are four distinct, yet interconnected, disciplines. Some islanders concern themselves with the fashioning of clothing, while others spend their time modelling interior spaces. There are those who concern themselves with the appearance and functionality of tools and devices, and those that have perfected the art of communicating and distributing information via signs. You discover that in order to maintain their thriving communities, inhabitants from each island work together to support each other in an open exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas. You also discover that no castaway has ever left the islands, and begin to wonder why?

When you confront Calexander with the notion of leaving, he questions why anyone would ever want to leave such a utopian paradise. It's hard to disagree, but thoughts of a high-flying career naw away at you, and so for weeks you keep asking Calexander for the secret of leaving the islands. Finally he gives-in and tells you that there is only one way to leave the islands. That is, to make a creative contribution to the islander communities.
You must complete four challenges, one from each discipline.
But first, you must study the ways of each of the island communities, listen to their stories and understand their needs.

Begin by visiting the islands.

Go to Dreamers Island.

Go to Makers Island.

Go to Trail-blazers Island.

Go to Planners Island.